3 Tips for providing feedback

Check for updates

Check for updates in the latest build. We often release new Insider Builds with bug fixes and suggestions. Check the latest build for the feedback that you are about to report, as it could be fixed already.

Boost your feedback

Save time and increase the visibility of your feedback by first checking to see if someone else has already given similar feedback. If you find it already exists, choose to either Upvote or Give similar feedback.

Help us better understand

Choose whether you’re sending feedback or suggesting a feature, so your feedback goes to the right place. Try attaching screenshots to visually show us your feedback and include log files for us to investigate further.

Frequently asked questions

Where do I sign up for Teams Insider?

To join the Teams Insider program, you’ll need to go to your settings in Teams. Select Teams Insider Program > Join. The app will close and the next time you open it, you’ll automatically have access to early releases of features.

Currently, if you want access to the program via the desktop and mobile Teams app, you’ll need to opt in from both devices.

What's the difference between Teams Insider Program and Teams Public Preview?

The Teams Insider Program is only for personal use in Microsoft Teams (free). Public Preview is for your work and school Teams account.

Can I leave the program once I join?

Yes, go back to your Teams settings > Teams Insider program > leave the Teams Insider program. You’ll need to do this on each device you opted in with.